Circumventing the DCT Loop

Domino Configuration Tuner is one of many oft overlooked Domino Administration and assessment tools. Another obstacle to its use is the annoying, “Lotus Notes has automatically updated some require files for this application. Before you can use the DCT you need to restart your Notes Client.” message. The problem is that restarting the Notes Client does not improve the situation. You may also notice the following on the status bar: “Unable to deploy 1 updated file (probably locked and in use)”.

One way to resolve the issue:

  1. Shut down all Notes programs running on your workstation.
  2. Delete your local dct.nsf and dct.ntf
  3. Download the “latest” dct.ntf version:
  4. Put dct.ntf in your Notes data directory.
  5. Restart Windows in Safe Mode (press F8 while restarting)
  6. Launch Notes and start Domino Configuration Tuner
  7. If prompted to restart Notes, restart Notes and try launching DCT again.

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