Synology FTP Client

If you need the ability to upload files from your Synology, there is a simple ftp client built in to DSM 5.0 and higher.

You can find it in the “File Station” application under “Tools” > “Remote Connection”

From there, select “Connection Setup” and select the desired option (ftp in my case).


Enter the info corresponding to the ftp account created for you at the remote ftp server


The ftp location will be added to the file navigation section under “FTP” and will become a valid “Copy to/Move to” option in the right click menu for files displayed in File Station.

6 thoughts on “Synology FTP Client

  1. @thebrianduffy, I believe you can make it available to non-admins via (when you are initially logged in as an admin):
    File Station > Settings > Mount/Connections > Server and Cloud Service > Allow the following users to mount servers and cloud services > All users OR Specific user/group

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