Logitech Harmony Remote Sync Hangs At 99%

I recently encountered an issue where my Logitech Harmony 650 Remote sync hung at 99%. I found a few other users mention the same issue in the support forum and found that I was able to get past the issue by continually pressing the center button (a.k.a the “OK” button) beginning at around 95%. Although the remote goes into safe mode, the sync process successfully completes at 100%. I then close the sync as normal and remove the batteries from the remote to get back out of safe mode.

12 thoughts on “Logitech Harmony Remote Sync Hangs At 99%

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    • Sorry about that part being unclear. The “center button” is the “OK” button. I’ve updated the original post in hopes of spreading a more accurate initial message. I also tried to duplicate the error to re-verify the suggested solution. Of course, I can’t seem to get the sync to hang at 99%. Good luck!


  2. why “continually pressing the center button (a.k.a the “OK” button)” make the remote goes into safe mode (I noticed the remote actually reboot at 95%)? What is “safe mode” and how is it different from normal mode? (Can I just leave the remove in “safe mode”?)
    btw, I have the exact same issue and it seems logitech has no plan to fix this issue. Thanks for your post and it really saved me a lot of time!


  3. try using a short usb cable when connecting..I had this trouble until I used a very short
    lead. hasn’t happened since I changed.


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