Replacing a Mazda Automatic Transmission (AT) Shifter Switch

After 5 years and 150,000 miles, the Shifter Switch on my 2014/15 Mazda CX-5 began to fail. The symptoms include the accessories failing to turn off even after turning off the ignition. The console displays, “Set Shift Lever to “P”” even though the car is already in Park. The console may also display, “Set Power to OFF.”


The issue is caused by a worn shifter switch unit. To eliminate the problem, the switch unit material has been redesigned to improve wear resistance. Modified switch units have been established as new service part: KDYO-46-040.

I paid almost $100 US for this part from a dealership, however, I’ve seen the OEM part for half that on Amazon > Genuine OEM Mazda KDY0-46-040 SWITCH

Here is how to replace the unit on a CX-5:

NOTE: This issue can also occur for a Mazda 6 but the access panel is part of the front console instead of the rear console.

Minimum tools required:
Phillips-head screwdriver
Flat-head screwdriver (or similar flat tool) to pry apart plastic parts

Approximate Project Duration:
45-60 minutes

  1. Loosen the Rear Console Cover by removing the screw covers and screws on the back of the console (both sides). The screw covers are the round shape shown here.
  2. Remove the trim around the shifter by gently prying up. (See the area where the green plastic pry tool is inserted.)
  3. Here is how things look after the trim is placed to the side. Note that I didn’t need to disconnect the plug.
  4. You may choose to loosen further pieces. The ultimate goal (see step 6) is to get to the two silver screws that hold the switch unit in place. I decided to remove the shifter knob by unscrewing it. I also removed the metal brace (indicated by the thin red line and held in with two FLAT END black screws). Finally, I removed the “Pointy End” screw that was holding the console pieces together.
  5. Detach (4) four hooks (A) (2 hooks shown below) by gently prying with a flat screwdriver Then, at least pull up to loosen (if not fully removing) the set plate assembly (B).
    Example of using screw driver to gently pry one of the hooks:
  6. Remove the two silver screws (A). Then, while pushing the stopper (B) down, remove the switch unit (C) by pulling it towards the driver’s seat. Be careful to keep track of the Shifter Lock Mechanism (and it’s tiny spring). It also pulls directly off a shaft (indicated by the red circle) towards the driver’s seat . Take careful note of it’s positioning prior to pulling things off so that you know how to properly replace it.
    Shifter Lock Mechanism close-up
  7. Disconnect the switch unit connector and then install the new switch unit in reverse order of removal. NOTE: Use the new screws that came with the new switch unit.
  8. Re-install other parts in the reverse order of removal.

4 thoughts on “Replacing a Mazda Automatic Transmission (AT) Shifter Switch

  1. Thank you so much, this was perfect! The dealership wanted to charge me almost $300 to replace the sensor. I got a replacement sensor on Amazon for $60 and replaced it using your fabulous step by step instructions in under 30 minutes. Thanks again!


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