I Want My Old Workspace Back

IBM Notes 10.0 introduces a new look for the tried and true Notes workspace. The trouble is, it is just change for change’s sake. In fact, it reduces the efficiency of using the workspace because it increases the space between tiles (so there are fewer shown on the same size screen).

In short: I hate it.

My Preference: Use the notes.ini setting V10Workspace=0 to revert to the Notes 9 workspace style.


BC Package Required For Linux Domino 10 Installation Routine

If you are installing or upgrading to Domino 10 on RHEL/CentOS Linux, be sure you have the “bc” package installed. If you don’t you’ll receive the following:

To run this installer you need mandatory packages installed on your 64 bit Linux RedHat.
The installer will exit after this message.

To install bc:

yum install bc